Send Money Home Easily & Securely with Félix & Bitso’s Stellar Solution

• Félix and Bitso have partnered to create a stellar remittance solution for U.S.-based Latinos.
• The solution combines AI and blockchain technology to make sending remittances on Félix as easy and safe as possible.
• Stellar highlights a couple of challenges that traditional remittance solutions pose, such as hefty processing fees, distance traveled to send or receive remittance and safety concerns from holding physical cash.

Fintech and crypto payment platforms are on the rise, as they attempt to solve the problems of cross-border payments. One such platform is Félix, a Whatsapp-based payments platform that enables U.S.-based Latinos to send money back to their relatives in Latin America. Félix has partnered with Bitso, the largest crypto platform in Latin America, to create a stellar remittance solution, powered by Stellar, a finance blockchain-based solution platform.

The solution combines AI and blockchain technology to make sending remittances on Félix as easy and safe as possible. With Félix, users can send money back home in a matter of seconds, without having to travel in person or pay hefty transaction fees. Additionally, Félix eliminates the concern of having to send or receive remittances in physical cash, which can present safety issues.

Stellar highlights a couple of challenges that traditional remittance solutions pose. These include hefty processing fees, distance traveled to send or receive remittance and safety concerns from holding physical cash. With the combination of AI and blockchain technology, Félix and Bitso have created a solution that eliminates these problems and makes sending remittances as easy and secure as possible.

The founders of Félix are dedicated to making cross-border payments easier and safer for Latino immigrants based in the U.S. Thanks to their efforts, U.S.-based Latinos can now send money back home without any hassle. This is a major step forward in the world of cross-border payments, and the Félix and Bitso partnership will undoubtedly make it easier for millions of people to send money home.

Cardano Blockchain Records 1,189 Protocols and 59.4M Transactions!

Bullet Point Summary
• Cardano ecosystem recorded 1,189 protocols and over 59.4 million transactions.
• ADA coin is well-positioned for ambitious growth due to strong fundamentals.
• IOHK’s weekly update revealed 68,641 token policies and 7.59 million native token transactions.

The Cardano blockchain platform, developed by Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), is rapidly emerging as one of the top contenders for a ‘Ethereum killer’ and its recently published weekly ecosystem statistics are a resounding testament to this. The update revealed that the Cardano blockchain network has achieved over 1,189 protocols building on it, with a total of 112 projects actually launching on the blockchain. A total of 59.4 million transactions were recorded for the week, with 7.59 million native token transactions and 68,641 token policies.

These impressive figures speak for themselves, and the ADA coin is perfectly poised for further growth due to its strong fundamentals. Cardano was founded in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson who has been leading the core team to focus on building a resilient platform that can be used by ‘changemakers, innovators, and visionaries’ to bring about positive global change.

The platform was built on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain and is powered by a suite of decentralized applications that are built on top of it. The core developers have been working hard to ensure the protocol is ready for anyone to come and build on it and thus far Cardano is living up to its potential.

The weekly update from IOHK is a testament to the growing success and potential of the Cardano blockchain platform, which is continuing to position itself as the Ethereum killer. With 1,189 protocols and 59.4 million transactions over the past week, it’s clear that the future looks bright for ADA coin and the Cardano ecosystem.

Ethereum Developers Divided Over Timing of Shanghai Upgrade Rollout

• Ethereum developers are at odds regarding the timing of the Shanghai update implementation.
• The Shanghai update aims to reward users participating in the network’s staking program.
• Core developers argue the upgrades are causing technical expenses that could have huge ramifications on the network in the long term.

The Ethereum network is continuing its preparation for its next update, the Shanghai upgrade, with the aim of rewarding users participating in the network’s staking program. The upgrade will enable stakers to access their rewards, including their initial ETH deposits. However, the network’s core developers are at odds regarding the timing of the upgrade implementation.

At the heart of the debate is the timing of the upgrade. Some core developers argue that the network is releasing the upgrades too quickly in order to avoid public criticism. They argue that the upgrades are causing technical expenses that could have huge ramifications on the network in the long term. The issue is that, without allowing enough time between upgrades, the network could end up with a number of technical difficulties that could have an impact on user experience and even the security of the network.

Micah Zoltu, one of the core developers, commented, “It seems we are not concerned about the future wellbeing of this network, but instead are focused on avoiding criticism in the short term.” This highlights the tension between the desire to keep the network up to date, while also ensuring the network is running as efficiently and securely as possible.

The core developers are also debating how to roll out the Shanghai update. Some are arguing for a gradual rollout, while others are advocating for a more aggressive approach. The gradual rollout would allow developers to test the upgrade before it is released and ensure that it works as expected. The more aggressive approach would be to launch the upgrade immediately and address any issues as they arise.

The Ethereum community is eagerly awaiting the rollout of the Shanghai update, as it will enable stakers to access their rewards, including their initial ETH deposits. However, with the core developers at odds regarding the timing of the upgrade, it remains to be seen when the update will be released. Until then, the network will continue to prepare for its next upgrade, as the community waits to see how the debate will play out.

End of Year Price Projections of Major Coins in the Crypto Market

Despite the wild swings that have occurred across various assets, the market for crypto has grown to reach a market capitalization of $2 trillion by 2021. Bitcoin is the most popular of the crypto-currency pack was able to fluctuate between $30,000 and $64.5K this year, in what was among the most turbulent periods throughout the history of the cryptocurrency. The most popular cryptocurrency is currently trading in the $40K level cryptocurrency, with crypto experts as well as market analysts arguing over the price of Bitcoin in the coming months. The Verdict Bit Index Ai is a trading bot that’s been around for a while. In the meantime, Ethereum (ETH) is rising following the announcement of the much-anticipated EIP 1559 software update that alters the way that gas prices are handled on the second largest blockchain network. In this complete guide, we will examine the ways that experts forecast the prices of some of the most sought-after digital assets to be by the end of 2021.

Crypto Traders Are Watching the Market Closely

The community is thrilled about the massive institutional investment flowing into cryptocurrency via vehicles such as Grayscale Bitcoin Fund. Grayscale Bitcoin fund. BTC adoption, particularly it has exploded in the last few months, when major payment platforms like Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal have announced plans to offer bitcoin-related support. Additionally, notable fintech firms such as Microstrategy as well as Jack Dorsey’s Square Inc have shown increasing desire to diversify their portfolios using bitcoin, leading to an impressive change in the popularity of bitcoin. However, ETH has seen increasing usage cases in the growing DeFi and NFT markets which has driven its price up to new highs for the lifetime couple of months ago. The Ethereum network is transforming to a more flexible and energy efficient consensus mechanism which is attracting more interest from institutional and retail investors. Cardano is close to completing radical upgrades that could put ADA prices into a tidal price rise. In light of the many thrilling developments occurring in the world of crypto It’s not a surprise that there’s always a supply of price forecasts from analysts as well as traders who are glued to the market.

Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2021

The BTC price sank to rock bottom in mid-May, following a record-breaking beginning of the calendar year. Since then, bulls have had a difficult time breaking the $40K barrier. But, experts predict that the sentiment in the market could change in the direction of bullishness, causing the price to re-enter unknown territory. In their crypto outlook for June, analysts from Bloomberg forecast that bitcoin’s price will be able to experience more gains and will be close to an amount of $100K by 2021’s end. According to the report the world’s first cryptocurrency may witness an era of consolidation near the $40K mark , in what they call a sluggish bull market in crypto-assets ahead of exploding over the coming months. The crypto influencer Tyler Swope struck a similar note, setting a precise price goal of $150K by the 15th of December of this year. The respected analyst pointed to an upcoming Taproot upgrade that CNBC declares the Bitcoin Network’s most significant upgrade in four years as the main reason behind his bold forecast. Taproot offers greater security for transactions and lets you use smart contracts that Swope calls the most exciting bitcoin news to date. In the meantime, Dan Morehead, the chief executive officer and founder of Pantera Capital, is even more positive about the potential value of bitcoin. He recently stated on Yahoo Finance Live that investors are likely to see the staggering BTC value of $700K once every smartphone user begins to transact in Satoshi’s technology in the next decade. Morehead believes that the first cryptocurrency in the world has potential to expand and could reach $200K in within a year, despite its recent volatility that has been a bit wild.

Ethereum (ETH) Year-end Price Target

Ethereum is the second largest blockchain in the world, is continuing to create new uses thanks to the advent of DeFi and NFTs in the last year. This is why certain analysts believe that the most popular altcoin will rise higher because it has the potential to achieve the same functionality that bitcoin does not. A recent survey conducted by the Sidney-based firm for data and analysis found that the majority of professionals remain optimistic about ETH despite the recent price drop. interviewed 42 crypto and fintech experts who were in agreement that ETH will provide greater gains than BTC this year , after it went through an important software update on August 5 2021. The consensus forecast from the panelists predicts the possibility that ETH prices will rise to an all-time high of $4,596 by close of the year. More than 60% of the panelists of Finder forecast they will see the „flipping,“ the point at which Ether will exceed bitcoin’s market capitalization, could occur by 2026. Boyko Romanovsky, who is on the Finder panel predicted that ETH could reach $5k by the end of 2021. He cited the EIP-1559 update that made the coin deflationary. He believes that ETH is primed to appreciate in the future because of the increasing interest from institutions in the widespread use of the currency in DeFi.

Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction

Cardano is among the most exciting cryptocurrency projects due to its upcoming upgrade that will include smart contracts. Crypto is also among the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies on the marketplace today. It recently witnessed huge increase in capital, as banks decided to invest their funds into PoS coins, even as confusion about bitcoin’s carbon footprint grew. The native currency of Cardano, ADA has had a dazzling run in the past year, with gains of almost 1800 percent. ADA also proved resilient during the current market slump probably because of the numerous positive news that came out of the project over the last few months. For example, the renowned mobile banking application Revolut introduced the support of Cardano during May. The blockchain project has also announced partnership in conjunction with Nervous Network, Orion, and NEXO. The project was launched in July. ADA has been added to the Grayscale’s fund for digital large-caps of $4 million offering institutional investors more exposure to the currency. In light of the bullish fundamentals that surround Cardano and the ADA price is likely to be gearing for a rapid increase. The most popular Youtube analyst Guy Crypto recently told his more than 1.2M viewers that ADA price could rise from $4 to $5 by year 2021’s end. Crypto cited the imminent launch of smart contract support as well as the imminent release of the Cardano Grayscale Fund as the factors behind his positive ADA price projections.


The market for crypto is getting ready for excitement as several projects are preparing to reach significant milestones over the next few months. Bitcoin the world’s top cryptocurrency, has seen its biggest upgrade in the past four years, as ETH is getting closer to adopting the PoS agreement mechanism. Cardano is also preparing some exciting enhancements planned in its roadmap as the crypto market is preparing to close out 2021.

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BTC könnte innerhalb von fünf Jahren für $250K gehandelt werden: Morgan Creek Capital CEO

BTC könnte innerhalb von fünf Jahren für $250K gehandelt werden: Morgan Creek Capital CEO
Der CEO von Morgan Creek Capital Management prognostiziert, dass Bitcoin bald mit Gold im Geldwert konkurrieren wird.

BTC könnte innerhalb von fünf Jahren für $250K gehandelt werden: Morgan Creek Capital CEO NEWS

Der Gründer und CEO von Morgan Creek Capital Management glaubt, dass der nächste Marktzyklus von Bitcoin dazu führen könnte, dass der Vermögenswert nach Marktkapitalisierung mit Gold konkurriert und für mehr als $200.000 gehandelt wird.

Während er am 9. Mai bei CNBC’s Trading Nation auftrat, verglich Mark Yusko die schnelle Verbreitung von Bitcoin mit dem Wachstum der FAANG-Unternehmen – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix und Google.

Kundenbetreuung – unsere Bitcoin Prime Erfahrungen

Wenn man sich auf dem Bot registriert, kommt es schnell zur ersten Begegnung mit dem Kundenservice. Das haben wir erfreulicherweise festgestellt, als wir den Bot ausprobiert haben, um zu sehen, was er zu bieten hat. Ein Kundenbetreuer ruft Sie an, um Ihnen zu zeigen, wie die Plattform funktioniert und um Ihre ersten Fragen zu beantworten. Bitcoin Prime war auch bei Die Höhle der Löwen Link unter:

„Dies ist ein Netzwerk und Netzwerke wachsen auf exponentielle Weise. Dies ist das schnellste Netzwerk in der Geschichte auf eine Billion Dollar Wert, direkt auf den Fersen der FAANGs, die, wissen Sie, 15 bis 20 Jahre dauerte, je nachdem, welche Sie betrachten.“
Yuskos Preisvorhersage basiert auf seiner Annahme, dass Bitcoin mit dem „monetären Wert“ von Gold konkurrieren wird – ein Konzept, das vom Goldstandard abgeleitet ist, bei dem die Währung eines Landes oder Fiat einen Wert hat, der direkt mit Gold verbunden ist. Er erklärte: „Wenn der monetäre Wert von Gold 4 Billionen Dollar beträgt, dann sollte sich digitales Gold auf diese Summe zubewegen.“

Da BTC für etwa $59.000 den Besitzer wechselt und die Marktkapitalisierung von Bitcoin zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung dieses Artikels bei etwa $1,1 Billionen liegt, legt Yuskos Vorhersage nahe, dass Bitcoin in Zukunft für mindestens $235.000 gehandelt werden könnte.

Der Investmentmanager sagte voraus, dass Bitcoin das Basisprotokoll für das Internet der Werte werden wird und verglich Bitcoin mit dem Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, oder TCP/IP – dem Standardprotokoll, das es Computern erlaubt, sich zu verbinden und Daten über das Internet auszutauschen.

Auf die Frage nach anderen Protokollen oder Krypto-Assets wie Ethereum, Litecoin und Dogecoin – die alle in den letzten Tagen ihre Allzeithochs erreicht haben – erklärte er, dass es noch Platz für weitere gibt. Allerdings, nicht ein fan von DOGE, Yusko hinzugefügt:

„Es gibt Tausende von Münzen und DOGE ist in dieser Kategorie, die wirklich nutzlos sind, sie sind nur Utility-Token, die keinen zugrunde liegenden Wert oder Anwendungsfall haben und sie werden schließlich verschwinden.“
Zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens, Bitcoin war der Handel 1.7% höher auf den Tag bei $59,200, Ethereum war auf einem Allzeithoch über $4,000, aber DOGE hatte abgestürzt, nachdem er neue Rekordhöhen nach einer Erwähnung von Elon Musk auf der Saturday Night Live Show markiert.

Bitcoin fecha seis velas verdes mensais pela primeira vez desde 2013

As últimas seis últimas velas mensais da Bitcoin fecharam a verde, amarrando seu recorde anterior de velas mensais em alta.

A Bitcoin acaba de fechar seis velas verdes mensais

A Bitcoin acaba de fechar seis velas verdes mensais consecutivas pela primeira vez desde abril de 2013. Caso a história se repita, a Bitcoin poderá desfrutar de mais ganhos parabólicos este ano.

Em abril de 2013, a Bitcoin fechou em cerca de $140 após o lançamento de seis velas verdes mensais. Enquanto os mercados se retrairiam para menos de US$ 100 nos próximos dois meses, a Bitcoin Bank então subiria 700% nos seis meses seguintes e rotularia os preços acima de US$ 1.000 pela primeira vez.

Bitcoin postou um padrão semelhante na pista até sua corrida parabólica em 2017, com os mercados postando cinco velas verdes mensais consecutivas rumo a setembro. Enquanto em setembro houve uma consolidação da BTC, a Bitcoin atingiu novos máximos em outubro, passando de US$ 5.000 para quase US$ 20.000 até o final do ano.

De acordo com o estrategista da Bloomberg, Mike McGlone, a Bitcoin poderia estar negociando por mais de $400.000 até 2022, caso os mercados seguissem as tendências anteriormente testemunhadas durante 2013 e 2017. McGlone afirmou recentemente que a Bitcoin está „bem encaminhada para se tornar um ativo de reserva digital global“.

Que a BTC poderia ganhar mais 250% para

O comerciante veterano e analista de mercado Peter Brandt também está em alta na Bitcoin, prevendo que a BTC poderia ganhar mais 250% para quebrar acima de US$ 200.000. „Acho que estamos naquela pausa intermediária em que, em 2017, a Bitcoin girou em torno de um ou dois meses antes de vermos o movimento final para cima“, disse ele.

Entretanto, as tendências passadas não garantem o desempenho futuro e a história das velas verdes é um pouco obscura. Apesar de Bitcoin ter lançado cinco velas verdes mensais seguidas no final de 2015, nas primeiras semanas de 2016 a BTC caiu 20% antes de produzir vários meses de consolidação apertada.

Da mesma forma, os cinco meses consecutivos de alta dinâmica que deram o pontapé inicial de 2019 foram seguidos por uma prolongada tendência de queda, com a BTC tendo caído mais de 60% de seus máximos de 2019 em meio ao crash „Black Thursday“ de março de 2020. A Bitcoin não recuperou seus altos preços de 2019 até dezembro de 2020.

Bill Miller diskutiert weitere Gründe, um bei Bitcoin bullisch zu sein

In seiner letzten Ankündigung an die Anleger in dieser Woche sprach der erfahrene Investor Bill Miller über den Denkprozess hinter dem jüngsten und einzigartigen Kauf der MicroStrategy 0,75% Wandelanleihe. MicroStrategy ist stark auf Bitcoin angewiesen und besitzt jetzt rund 70.784 BTC, was 0,38% des zirkulierenden Bitcoin-Angebots entspricht. Das Unternehmen hat im vergangenen Monat Wandelanleihen emittiert , deren Erlös für den Kauf weiterer BTC verwendet wird. Laut Miller hat die Anleihe kleinere Nachteile und eine fast kostenlose Bitcoin-Calling-Option.

Neben der minimalen Abdeckung von Analysten und CEOs, die mehr als ein Viertel des Unternehmens besitzen, ist der Grund, warum Anleihen Anleihen kaufen, die Wette des Unternehmens auf Bitcoin, schrieb Miller. Seiner Ansicht nach ist die weltweit größte Kryptowährung, dass kein anderer Vermögenswert die Liquidität von Bitcoin mit seinem Wachstumspotenzial kombiniert.

Saylor spielte eine große Rolle in Bills Entscheidung

Der Bitcoin-Unterstützer Michael Saylor, CEO von MicroStrategy, spielte ebenfalls eine große Rolle bei Millers Entscheidung und sagte, dass Sailor einer der am längsten amtierenden CEOs eines öffentlichen Unternehmens ist. Er ist der einzige CEO, der Erfolg haben konnte, nachdem der Aktienkurs seines Unternehmens um 99,86% gefallen war.

Die Legende der Investmentfonds unterstreicht auch Saylors einzigartige Fähigkeit, aufkommende und skalierbare Trends zu antizipieren und ein dauerhaftes Geschäft aufzubauen.

MicroStrategy ist das erste börsennotierte Unternehmen, das sein gesamtes Geld in der Bilanz durch Bitcoin ersetzt, eine Technologie, die Miller seit langem unterstützt.

Laut Miller ist die digitale Währung mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von 592 Milliarden US-Dollar immer noch eine aufstrebende Technologie und von geringer Größe auf dem Markt für große Adressen.

Mit Bitcoin wissen Käufer, was sie bekommen, weil keine andere Währung in der Weltgeschichte mehr Informationen und Transparenz bietet, fügte er hinzu. Ganz zu schweigen davon, dass BTC der Vermögenswert mit der besten Wertentwicklung in acht der letzten zehn Jahre ist und Nasdaq übertrifft.

Bitcoin wird mit steigendem Preis weniger riskant

In einem Schreiben sagte Miller, dass es ein schwerwiegender Fehler ist, kein Bitcoin zu besitzen, und er hofft, dass dies auch weiterhin so bleibt. Am 8. Januar sagte Bill Miller , er glaube, dass der Besitz von Bitcoin eine sicherere Anlagelösung sei, je höher der Preis für digitale Münzen sei.

Das Gesamtangebot an Bitcoin wächst um unter 2% pro Jahr, und zu einem Preis ist klar, dass die Nachfrage viel schneller wächst. Bis dahin wird Bitcoin wahrscheinlich höher und möglicherweise viel höher sein, fügte Miller hinzu.

Er prognostizierte ferner, dass der Bitcoin-Preis in den nächsten 12 bis 18 Monaten voraussichtlich um 50% bis 100% gegenüber dem aktuellen Preis steigen wird. Und wenn Sie mich oben oder unten fragen müssten, würde ich sagen, dass die Chancen höher als niedriger sind.

Morgan Stanley has bought up 10% of bitcoin major MicroStrategy

Morgan Stanley has bought up 10% of bitcoin major MicroStrategy

The software maker’s massive bitcoin investments appear to be paying off.

According to an official document released by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) yesterday, 8 January, Morgan Stanley has bought 792,627 shares of MicroStrategy. This means that the Bitcoin Pro influential investment bank now holds a 10.9% stake in the software maker, which has in turn invested heavily in Bitcoin in recent months.

The purchase was reportedly completed on 31 December, following a particularly strong month for MicroStrategy in which the tech company’s stock climbed from US$289 to US$545.

In August, MicroStrategy had caused a stir in the crypto industry when the software maker invested significant amounts of the company’s capital in Bitcoin. CEO Michael Saylor explained the move at the time as follows:

„This is not speculation or hedging. This is a deliberate corporate strategy to move to bitcoin.“

With this, Saylor alludes to the fact that the market-leading cryptocurrency, often referred to as digital gold, could introduce a new gold standard.

A few weeks ago, MicroStrategy had also announced a US$400 million share sale to fund further bitcoin investments.

As of 21 December, the company had already bought up 70,470 BTC

At the time of going to press, the equivalent value for the software producer’s BTC is over US$2.8 billion.

More and more institutional investors such as Morgan Stanley have recently taken a liking to the crypto market. Many experts see this as the driving force behind the current surge, whereas the great hype of 2017 was largely fuelled by private investors. Accordingly, this was not sustainable.

Gab fremmer Bitcoin når plattformen er oversvømmet

Gab fremmer Bitcoin når plattformen er oversvømmet etter Trump Ban

Gab opplever et naturlig DDoS-angrep midt i en utvandring med plattformen som sier at 500.000 brukere hadde blitt med på en dag da nettstedet ser 18 millioner besøk.

„Trafikken fortsetter å vokse, enda flere servere på vei i dag,“ sa Gab-sjef Andrew Torba lørdag.

Plattformen driver sine egne servere og har klart å få en ubannelig mobilapp gjennom Mastodon.

Ettersom Parler er utestengt fra Google, kan Amazon, Apple, deres advokater, e-post- og teksttjenesteleverandører, konservative – som Cryptosoft er så forvirrede at de laster ned en porno-app som heter Parlor – bare har lite annet valg enn å prøve Gab.

I motsetning til Parler har Gab ikke vanlige tjenester som Amazon-sky fordi de ble utestengt av alt tilbake i 2018, inkludert fra betalingsbehandlere.

De adopterte bitcoin, og dermed tar de litt tid på seg å informere brukerne om hva som er bitcoin med Gab, og sier „Bitcoin er ytringsfrihet i denne avgjørende tiden for plattformen når det kan komme til å bli et reelt alternativ til twitter. penger.“

“I økende grad blir selskaper og enkeltpersoner avskåret fra tradisjonell betalingsbehandling, banker og mer på nettet. Dette inkluderer og vår grunnlegger Andrew Torba, som begge har blitt svartelistet av VISA, samt betalingsbehandlere som Paypal. Bitcoin løser dette problemet, ”sier de.

Høyre er for øyeblikket opprørt over det de sier er et forsøk på å stille dem med noen republikanere som sier at de planlegger å gjøre teknologisk sensur til en del av deres kampanjeplattform.

Designet for å rute rundt sensur

Det koordinerte trekket mot Parler, en lite kjent app som likevel har tiltrukket besettelsen til noen venstre medier siden sommeren, er veldig skeptisk til de nye egenskapene til det som bare kan kalles en sensurmaskin.

Internett er imidlertid i sin grunnlag designet for å rute rundt sensur, og det er nettopp det som vil skje, men potensielt i en overfladisk form der du har igjen twitter og høyre twitter som er opptatt av saker ingen bryr seg om, i ferd med å effektivt deformere det virkelige mennesker, det store flertallet av publikum som er uavhengig.

Dominansen av amerikanske plattformer i disse sakene er dessuten på noen måter å bringe kulturkrigene sine til det globale internett i det som godt kan utvikle seg til teknologikriger, ettersom nåværende dominerende plattformer begynner å bli oppfattet som autoritære og venstreorienterte.

Når det gjelder bitcoin, kan noen av de 70 millioner Trump-velgerne som flytter til Gab, begynne å høre om bitcoin og hvordan dette er ytringsfrihet, samt hvordan de kan bruke dem til å støtte disse plattformene som nå gir dem en mulighet til å delta i offentlig debatt.