Ripple (XRP) Secretly Working with VISA: Could it Drive Price to $100?

• A popular crypto influencer shared a video claiming that payments giant VISA has been working with Ripple secretly for the last few years.
• The video noted that Ripple and VISA could be working together, which could be a bull-case scenario for Ripple and drive its XRP price to $100.
• It is difficult to confirm if the news is true, however several partners have been identified as Dee Money, Earthport, CurrencyCloud and Novatti.

Visa Secretly Working with Ripple?

A popular crypto influencer recently shared a video making claims that payments giant Visa has been secretly working with blockchain firm Ripple over the last few years. The influencer suggested that if these claims are true it would lead to a bullish case scenario for XRP and drive its price up to $100.

Ripple Partners Identified

The four partners reportedly identified by the crypto influencer include Dee Money, Earthport, CurrencyCloud and Novatti. Of these fours firms two were completely acquired by VISA while two were entered into partnerships with Novatti and Dee Money respectively. Notably, none of the partnerships mention Ripple or XRP in any way which makes it difficult to confirm whether these collaboration rumors are true or not.

XRP On-Demand Liquidity & VISA’s Stablecoins Push

Despite facing several regulatory hurdles, Ripple highlighted in its „Q4 2022 Markets Report“ that their on-demand liquidity service for XRP has further expanded to 40 payout markets across the world. Additionally, VISA also released their own stablecoin called USD Coin (USDC) which may push adoption of cross-border payment solutions even further without any mention of Ripple or XRP.

SEC’s Lawsuit Against Ripple

Back in December 2020 SEC had filed a lawsuit against blockchain firm Ripple accusing them of conducting an unregistered securities offering worth over $1 billion since 2013 through sales of their native cryptocurrency XRP tokens. Since then several big players have refrained from collaborating with ripple in order to avoid heat from regulators like SEC.


It is still unclear whether Visa is working along with ripple or not but if it turns out to be true it would certainly be beneficial for both firms as well as investors who hold XRP tokens as this could lead to a significant surge in its price all the way up to $100 per token according to some estimates