TokenSet: automated investing in Ethereum

Have you ever dreamed of your investments being fully automated? This is what TokenSet offers, a protocol hosted on Ethereum that automates trading strategies.

What is TokenSet?

TokenSet is a protocol hosted on Ethereum , created by Felix Feng and Inje Yeo, current CEO and CPO of TokenSet, in October 2017 during the ETHWaterloo hackathon. Subsequently, Feng continued to develop the idea throughout 2018 with his team, eventually releasing the Set Protocol in April 2019 .

“I thought about what was missing in the ecosystem and realized that no one is really building a fully decentralized index fund. “ – Felix Feng in the podcast Flippening

In practice, the Set protocol is an automated trading protocol using smart contracts . The latter will carry out trades according to several predefined parameters. These parameters are mainly indicators of technical analysis, such as the Moving Average (MA) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI).

“We wanted to create a product that was smart enough to enter and exit positions at the right time, depending on market conditions, without emotional risk or having to spend hours looking at charts to get buy and sell signals. sale. “ – Inje Yeo in an interview for DefiPrime

Set Tokens: tokenized trading

The focal point of the protocol is the Set Tokens (for Strategy Enabled Tokens ), which are ERC-20s representing a basket of underlying assets .

In fact, there are 2 types of Sets:

The Robo Sets represent strategies whose rules were coded in the smart contract;
The Social Sets are strategies created by traders which are based on various indicators both on chain that off-chain . In other words, these Sets allow you to copy the investment strategy of a confirmed trader.

As we have seen, these Sets will carry out trades according to various parameters specific to the market. When the strategy makes a trade, it is called rebalancing , or rebalancing in English.