VeChain & BCG Team Up to Drive Global Sustainability with $VET 3.0

• VeChain has announced a strategic partnership with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
• The partnership saw the creation of the protocol’s next Whitepaper with a focus on sustainability.
• VeChain is positioning itself to serve as the reference blockchain for the 21st century as it looks to drive sustainable solutions using the power of blockchain technology.

VeChain Partners With Boston Consulting Group

VeChain has announced a strategic partnership with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in order to drive worldwide sustainability with VET 3.0. The collaboration will help create a new whitepaper that focuses on sustainability, and further reinforces VeChain’s status as an enterprise-grade blockchain protocol.

Whitepaper Focuses on Sustainability

The new whitepaper released by VeChain and BCG details where it was at, where it is now, and where it is going in the near future. It puts emphasis on sustainability and individual empowerment through blockchain technology, aiming to build platforms which put sustainability within reach for all individuals.

Solutions for Municipalities

The VeChain protocol plans to introduce easy-to-implement solutions within municipalities in order to drive individual sustainability even higher. This includes providing citizens access to local services or resources such as education, healthcare, or energy usage tracking systems through an online platform powered by VeChain’s blockchain technology.

Goal: To Be Reference Blockchain For 21st Century

The goal of this ambitious project is for VeChain to become the reference blockchain for this century and beyond – serving not just businesses but also individuals who want access to more efficient services while being part of more sustainable practices at large scale.


By partnering up with BCG, one of America’s leading management consulting firms, VeChain has taken yet another major step towards becoming a global leader in driving sustainability using blockchain technology.